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Shed Measurements

Measurement Span (m)

Length (m)

Height (m)

Roof Pitch - 5%, 15, 22%, 30%, 45% or other

Enclosure - Fully enclosed, Open Front, Gable end

Material and Colours

Wall Material- Standard: Monoclad, Corro, M Panel

Wall Colour (Colourbond only)- Sufmist, Windspray

Roof Material- Standard:Corro, Monoclad,

Roof Colour (Colourbond Only) - Windspray

Roller Door

Roller Door Location - End Wall: FRONT, End Wall: BACK, Side Wall: Bay 1, Side Wall: Bay 2, Side Wall: Bay 3, Side Wall: Bay 4, other

Number of Doors - 1 - 10

Size - 2.2m High x 2.44m Wide,2.1m High x 5.1m Wide, 2.5m High x 2.65m Wide, 3m High x 3.1m Wide, 3.3m High x 3.7m Wide, 3.6m High x 4.2m Wide, 4.2m High x 4.8m Wide

Main Door Location - Gable End, Front

Other options

Window, barn Style Window (Barns Only), Fly Screen, Security screens, Super Flow Ventilators (Whirly Birds), Partition Wall, Insulation, Roller Door openers, Mezzanine Floors

Please detail additional requirements such as lean-to (open or enclosed), garaport, or additional customisation requests

A detailed quote for designs and plans with optional extras and/or site preparation services will be provided after consultation to confirm information received.

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